The Midwest's Premiere Acting Coach for College Auditions

The sections below describe a range of coaching options for the exciting process of auditioning for college programs!  To discuss which option may be best for you or to schedule a free consultation, please reach out today via email at or call: 312-772-3057.  I look forward to hearing from you!

The Aims of College Audition Coaching

(Photo by  Phillip Tawanchaya )
  • To find the most exciting monologues possible that will do the job of reflecting the actor’s unique talent, personality, and strengths as an artist

  • To guide the actor in thoroughly preparing, understanding, and owning the audition material, and leading the actor to freely share their work with great generosity and confidence on audition day

  • To help families navigate the entire process, including prior to and during the submission of applications and attending of auditions

  • To cultivate stronger acting skills via the thorough preparation of audition materials

  • To offer support and feedback during a thrilling yet uncertain period, and to carefully nurture the artistic development of young actors during this transitional moment

A La Carte Services

  • Monologue Coachings

  • Monologue Selection Sessions

  • Acting the Song

  • Pre-screen Tapings

  • Consultations on College Acting and Musical Theatre Programs

Audition Packages

Coaching packages are available, and come in 9, 12, and 15-week options.  They consist of a personalized curriculum, and are designed to help the actor fully and joyfully prepare for their specific list of auditions.  Packages include the following:

  • A syllabus that outlines specific goals for each week of the process, leading to a readiness and calmness on audition day

  • Consultations in regard to BFA, BA, and MFA programs for the study of Theatre, Acting, and Musical Theater

  • Personalized assistance selecting schools to which to apply and audition, as well as assistance in organizing a timeline and audition schedule

  • Regular 60 minute, one-on-one coaching sessions to work on audition material

  • Readings to gain specificity in the acting work

  • The honing of actual acting skills, through the process of building a repertoire of audition material

  • Sessions focused on the acting of audition songs for the musical theater performer

  • Assistance with the pre-screen tapings/auditions

  • A cheerleader and supporter of your work throughout the entire process!


  • To schedule a free consultation, or to discuss "Audition Coaching Packages" and "A La Carte Services," please reach out today via email at or call: 312-772-3057.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you!


  • As a Chicago based acting coach for college auditions, I work with local actors in-person or via Skype; for actors outside of the Chicago area, sessions take place via Skype. 


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